Patrick Mahony : More women play games than men in the UK

The stereotype of the teenage boy playing alone in his bedroom is well and truly dead. Patrick Mahony reads a study based on interviews with 4000 UK residents. The result is that women now account for 52% of the gaming audience. This study from the Internet Advertising Bureau, also revealed there are now more people over 44 years old playing games (27% of the audience) than children or teenagers (22%).

Patrick Mahony seems to think that the surge in gaming among new areas of the population is related to the rise of the smartphone, the audience become wider than when it was dedicated to computers and let’s say it… geek like us. Furthermore, 54% of survey respondents cited their phone as their favourite gaming platform – 25% of whom admitted to playing games on it every day. Patrick Mahony said that Mobile puzzlers like candy crush saga made gaming interesting for a lot of women.

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