Patrick Mahony – Web Lessons Meetup

I proudly announce the first Patrick Mahony Web Lessons which will take place Monday, November 24, 2014.

Developers of all levels of expertise are welcome to Patrick Mahony Web Lessons Meetup.

At this meetup, you can :

  • Meet cool people including Patrick Mahony
  • Show us what you got by demo’ing your application or framework
  • Present an interesting concept or Idea.

Patrick Mahony Lessons

3 major topics will be discussed:

  • Software reflexion models
  • Building high-level dataflow system
  • Debugging of distributed systems

Please response below if you want to attend Patrick Mahony Web Lessons :

Patrick Mahony Web Lessons

Register now. Participation in the meetup is open to anyone, but space is limited to approximately 30 people.


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